The club shall be known as Mid Sussex Flyers (MSF).




• To promote the flying of model aircraft of all types.

• To facilitate the exchange of information and ideas relating to model flying.

• To provide suitable venue(s) and facilities for model flying.

• To encourage interested parties to join the club and follow an approved course of instruction if required.

• To encourage members to participate in the British Model Flying Association (BMFA) safety award scheme.


a. Membership will assume one of the following categories:

• Ordinary – all adult members.

• Junior – anyone who is under 18 on the 1st of January.

• Honorary – someone who, in the opinion of a two thirds majority at a club AGM, has performed an outstanding service to the club.

b. All members shall be members of the BMFA and membership is normally obtained through the Membership Secretary with your annual membership, BMFA insurance cover is mandatory. Prospective members already holding insurance through the BMFA or another recognised body such as the Scottish Aeromodeller’s Association (SAA) shall, on providing proof of that insurance, be permitted to become members for the remainder of the current year. Membership renewal for any succeeding year in this case will require membership of the BMFA.

c. New members who have not previously held any type of membership shall be required to pay a joining fee in order to buy into the club facilities.


a. Membership subscriptions will fall due for payment at the AGM each year and the level will be fixed at the AGM. The amount payable will be the sum of the club membership fee and the BMFA membership fee, plus the joining fee.

b. Members who have failed to renew their subscription by 31st of January will not be permitted to use any club facilities until such time as the appropriate fee has been paid.

c. Any member who has failed to renew his membership as required shall forfeit all rights to make any claims on the club, it’s property or it’s funds.

d. Club fees shall be reduced by half for members joining after 3oth June.

e. Members joining after 31 October will be regarded as having paid for the remainder of the current year and also the following year.


The ordinary affairs and business of the club shall be managed by a committee of elected members as follows:

• Chairman

• Secretary / Membership Secretary

• Treasurer

• Safety Officer

• Chief Instructor

And 3 other members

All committee members shall retire from office at the AGM and become eligible for re-election.


a. The committee shall manage all the concerns of the club; upholding it’s constitution. They shall have powers to settle all points of interpretation of the club rules, provided such power does not over-rule a resolution of an AGM.

b. The committee may, from time to time, fill any vacancy arising in it’s number for the remainder of it’s period of office.

c. Where the conduct of a member, in or out of club affairs, is, in the committee’s opinion injurious to the interests or well-being of the club, then the committee shall request that member to appear before them to justify his conduct. The committee, after hearing such member, or in the event that he refuses or neglects to appear before them, shall have the power to expel him. He will then cease to be a member of the club. The excluded member shall retain the right to call an EGM in accordance with rule 11a to have his case reviewed by the membership.

d. The Safety Officer, or any committee member in his absence, shall have the authority to impose a flying ban on any member who, in his opinion, flies in a dangerous or unsafe manner or in any way infringes the MSF Safety Code or local field rules as stated in the MSF Rule Book. Persistent safety infringements shall be referred to the committee.


a. Proposals for a change in the club constitution shall require a two thirds majority vote at an AGM/EGM.

b. All other elections and proposals shall be by a straight vote.

c. Only ordinary and honorary members shall be entitled to vote.

d. Postal votes may be placed with the secretary, in writing, on matters of extreme importance.


a. All financial matters will be dealt with by the Treasurer.

b. The Treasurer will present an annual financial statement, with supporting documents, for inspection at the AGM.

c. The financial year shall run from 1st December to 30th November.

d. The committee’s powers of expenditure shall be limited to £500. Spending above this level will require a vote at an AGM/EGM.

e. Sales of club property shall be limited to £300 where approved by the committee; Sales above £500 will require the approval of a vote at an AGM/EGM.


An AGM shall be held each December based the following agenda:

1. Chairman’s report.

2. Secretary’s report.

3. Treasurer’s report.

4. Safety Officer’s report.

5. Budget / and club fees for following year.

6. Events calendar for following year.

7. Election of Committee Members for following year.

8. Any Other Business.

Additions to this agenda shall be notified in the email that announces the AGM. Members having items for inclusion in the agenda must forward these, in writing, to the Secretary at least one week prior to the AGM.


a. An EGM may be called by the committee at any time. An EGM may also be called by a minimum of two members in written submission to the Secretary, giving the reason for the request. Having received such a request, the Secretary must call an EGM within 14 days. Each member must receive a written notification of an EGM which must include the time, location and business to be discussed and allowing at least 3 days warning of the event.

b. No proxies shall be allowed at an EGM but, if a majority so wish, a postal ballot may be adopted. The Chairman shall have, in addition to his own vote, a casting vote in cases of equality.


a. The quorum for an AGM or EGM shall be 15.

b. The quorum for a committee meeting shall be 5.


In the event of insolvency of the club, the deficit shall be made good by a proportional payment from all adult members or in such other way as concluded by an AGM or EGM.


a. Each member’s address, and any further information deemed useful to the club, shall be recorded in the club records.

b. Information regarding member’s personal details shall only be disclosed to other members; requests by other parties will be refused unless required by law.


a. A copy of the constitution and rules shall be supplied to each new member.

b. The constitution and rules as presented shall be binding on every member.

c. Ignorance of the constitution and rules will not absolve any member from the effects of these articles.


a. The committee shall be the initial authority for the interpretation of the constitution and rules.

b. The decision of the committee upon any question of interpretation of these rules, or matters concerning the club, and which are not provided for by this constitution shall be subject to the endorsement of an EGM or AGM.


The constitution defines the rules for the government of the club. Any alterations or additions to the constitution may only be adopted by resolution at an AGM or EGM convened with prior notification and according to the constitution. Notice of proposed changes must be sent to the secretary who will display such notice at the official club premises for at least seven days prior to the meeting.


If at a committee meeting a resolution to dissolve the club is agreed by a two third majority of the members present, and such resolution is confirmed at an AGM or EGM held not less than 28 days thereafter at which no less than two thirds of the membership are present, and by a majority vote of two thirds, the committee shall thereupon, or at such a date as shall be specified in the resolution, proceed to dissolve the club. The committee shall proceed to realise the property of the club and, after the discharge of all liabilities, shall divide equally the same amount amongst all adult members who were members during the previous financial year. Upon completion of such division, the club shall be considered dissolved.


Revision date 1 Dec 2009